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Access Research Paper PDFs with the EndNote Browser Extension

Are you tired of wasting time navigating through paywalls and logins just to access research paper PDFs? Look no further! The EndNote browser extension is here to make your life easier. Rated at an impressive 4.47 out of 5 based on user reviews, this extension is a must-have for researchers and academics.

Quick and Easy Access to Millions of Research Papers

With the EndNote browser extension, you can access millions of research paper PDFs with just one click. It seamlessly integrates with popular academic websites including Web of Science, Meta, PubMed, arXiv, Scopus, and many more. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for PDFs on different platforms.

Save Time and Avoid Paywalls

EndNote Click saves you time and frustration by bypassing paywalls, logins, and redirects. No more wasting precious minutes trying to access the information you need. Focus on your research instead of dealing with technical obstacles.

Connect to Your Library's Subscriptions and Open Access Content

By using the EndNote browser extension, you can securely connect to your library's journal subscriptions and open access content. Say goodbye to limited access and unlock a world of information at your fingertips. Stay up to date with the latest research in your field.

Seamlessly Export and Download PDFs

Once you've found the PDF you need, exporting and downloading it is a breeze. The EndNote Click extension seamlessly integrates with popular reference management tools like Mendeley, EndNote, Dropbox, and Zotero. Organize your research and streamline your workflow with ease.

Get Started in Minutes

Getting started with the EndNote browser extension is quick and easy. In just two minutes, you can start accessing research paper PDFs with a single click. Join the thousands of researchers at top universities who are already benefiting from the convenience of EndNote Click.

Please note that it's always a good idea to check with your librarian or IT department for recommendations regarding the use of browser plugins. They can provide guidance and ensure that the extension is compatible with your institution's systems.

EndNote Click was formerly known as Kopernio, so you may have heard of it under that name. It is the same powerful tool, now with even more features to enhance your research experience.

Access millions of research paper PDFs in one click

Save time navigating paywalls, logins and redirects

Easily export PDFs to your favorite reference management tools

Check with librarian or IT department for plugin recommendations

329 reviews
10 Reviews For This Extension
Rohat Koz

this extension makes my browser lag so much

Rudian Zhang

This tool greatly facilitated my reading and managing of literature. However, this Extension has a significant bug that forces me to pause its use: it causes severe lagging on many webpages that require massive input (such as LabArchives, this issue was identified by LabArchives team). I hope your IT team can fix this issue as soon as possible, so that I and many other scientists can resume using this Extension. Thank you very much!



Kris Troy

Gmail was severely lagging; after much troubleshooting, turned off each extension one-by-one. It ended up being this extension that was causing the problem! Good thing I never use it

Martin “CargoCultScientist” Sona

It's literally the dumbest citation plugin ever. It seems to get dumber every version. It can't even cite a github.

Erik Kulstad

Used to work, now seems glitchy and worst of all, slows down gmail to the point of not being usable.

Gabriel Fernandez

Good app, but bugged for some times. I have been unable to push reference to myendnoteweb account since a few weeks/months. When trying to connect via the extension, I receive the following error message: RequestUtils.fetch error: 403 Friends experience the same problem.

Erik de Jong

I used to like this plugin until it started to interfere with other websites like Gmail. It slows down Gmail so much that it becomes impossible to use.

donald philipp

i have to rate such a low score to it,,, for it's doesn't work at all. it won't refresh itself coordinating with the website, which makes it absolutely useless. hope it can become a efficency promotor in future

Kayla Bose

Absolutely no point to having this extension when you can just use the google scholar extension. All this one does is search scholar from what I can tell, which the google scholar extension does too but much better, showing results in the extension including links to export the citation to endnote.

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